About Dynaris

Dynaris Office Building

Our Mission & Vision

  • Introduce medical professionals and their patients to the benefits of Dynaris selective oxygen technology and products.
  • Improve the effectiveness, comfort and convenience of therapy for oxygen-dependent patients.
  • Reduce the cost of oxygen therapy and improve the standard of care for the patient.

Founded in 2014, Dynaris has developed a new standard in oxygen delivery devices. Its patented and FDA Cleared Apogee is the first in a line of products designed to improve patient health, eliminate oxygen waste, reduce prescription costs and provide a more comfortable therapeutic experience.

Dynaris is a developer and manufacturer of oxygen therapy technologies. The company operates out of its ISO-13485 compliant facility in Chesterfield, MO., in association with the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership incubator program.

– Lon Aylsworth, CEO

What The Experts Are Saying

“I learned about Dynaris’ nasal cycle research several years ago. I’m glad to hear they now have perfected an oxygen delivery system that senses which nostril you’re breathing out of and only delivers 02 to that nares. This efficient targeted delivery should not only enhance oxygen saturation but will virtually cut oxygen use by half. A brilliant discovery!”

Dr. Tim Curran

M.D, Austin, Texas

“Oxygen therapy has been a huge part of medical treatment, but little has been done to improve it over the last few decades. The founder, Lon Aylsworth has made it his mission to modernize the understanding and delivery of oxygen. The design improvements are revolutionary and brilliant, but you also wonder why no one ever took this approach before. We are all looking forward to the breakthroughs that will come as a result of this new approach to oxygen therapy.”

Richard F.

“Patients no longer need to suffer nasal irritation for the benefits of life-sustaining oxygen.”

Oscar Carillo

Researcher & Clinical Advisor