The Apogee Is High Performance Oxygen Delivery

  • Follows Nasal Cycle
  • Most efficient oxygen delivery.
  • Dynamic Oxygen Delivery
  • Most comfortable oxygen delivery.
  • First Advance in Oxygen Therapy in Decades
  • Higher quality of life.
  • Most natural oxygen delivery.
  • Hope for a better life.
Oxygen Patient with daughter

Letters For Your Doctor

Your doctor has to prescribe the Apogee for you to receive it. Not all doctors are familiar with the benefits of our High Performance Oxygen Delivery. Click below to print a letter to give to your doctor or forward to their email.

If you have already received a low performance oxygen delivery system from your insurance, they may deny payment for the Apogee even with a prescription. You can pay for the Apogee yourself. Or your doctor can request your insurance pay because you have a Medical Necessity for the Apogee. Download or forward this letter to give to your doctor to help their request.

What Patients Are Saying

Watch Art, a U.S. veteran, discuss how the Apogee has benefited him.

“Within a week of switching to the Apogee, I already noticed the therapy working better, and I’m not so tired all day. I can go much farther on my walks around the neighborhood, and go twice as long without switching out cylinders. On previous oxygen systems, my pulse ox readings would record between 82 and 93. This week I visited my Doctor and had my oximeter recorded at 98! My doctor was so surprised she actually checked it twice on a different oximeter!

Richard S.

Oxygen Patient

“I enjoy knowing that I’m not wasting my oxygen to the atmosphere and thereby greatly extending the range of my portable ambulatory oxygen system. I love the Apogee.

Erik F.

USAF Retired, Oxygen Patient

“I just love the bag. I used the Apogee from 3 pm – 11 pm… And it lasted that whole time! Amazing! I did still “feel the weight” after so many hours, but NOTHING like with the POC or even smaller continuous O2 tank.”

Renee A.

Oxygen Patient